Scott McLaine

Academy Lead Instructor

Buckle up, grab on to your seat, and hang on for the ride as Scott McLaine transforms the room into a high energy, thought provoking, action taking seminar experience.

Scott is the Founder and Author of the BrightMoney Academy.  He is the host and MC of the BrightMoney Bootcamp.

After training success to 10,000’s nationally as a professional development trainer, BrightMoney Founder Scott McLaine ran into his own financial troubles. He financially collapsed his family, losing his house, wife, and lifestyle literally over night. He concluded he needed a better ‘Money Plan’, and that ‘making money’ was not good enough, he needed to know how to ‘keep it’ and how to ‘grow it’.

For over three years Scott McLaine studied the basics of finance as he reorganized the financial part of his life.  He took his best ideas and developed the BrightMoney AcademyCore Training System.

“Coach Scott’ will your Head Academy Instructor.

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