Schedule a 45-Minute LIFE CHANGING Workshop That will Motivate Your Employees to Maximize Performance at Work by Wanting More From Life.

Ignite Company Wide Enthusiasm

Productivity rises when your team is jazzed about their future, confident with finances, & excited about work.

Build Employee Loyalty and Trust

When the employer takes an interest in the well-being of the employee, trust, loyalty, and respect are earned.

Cultivate an Increase in Profitability

Profits are retained when your financially empowered team better understands the value of money.

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Financial Wellness Training that Motivates Employees to Achieve More by Wanting More

The IMPACT promotional workshop series is a turn-key financial wellness and training program for your entire company that stimulates an increase in productivity, enhances customer service, relieves employee stress and ignites company wide enthusiasm. Simply put, your team comes to life with motivation and stays fueled by their own vision of their future.

Your staff will realize that financial and business related decisions made today, create the desired future outcomes of tomorrow. Better Habits = Better Results

Management and Leadership Who Empower Their Teams are Heros.

For the Employee ... The benefits are increased retirement savings, better cash management, improved credit scores, more financial confidence, happier daily experience, improved quality of life, reduction of stress, and overall increase in desire and passion for a greater life experience.

For the Employer ... An invigorated team that feels awakened to the possibilities of a brighter future. The major benefits are an immediate increase in employee morale, boost in productivity, and an increase in employee retention.

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Give the Gift of: Financial Certainty

"When the path you are on will get you where you want to be financially."

Increase in Retirement Savings

Soon after the IMPACT workshop, many employees start requesting to increase their 401(k) contributions.

Systematic Reduction of Debt

Employees quickly organize their debts and start a reduction plan targeted at freeing up investable capital.

Improvement in Credit Scores

Employees learn how their credit score is formed, and how to repair and boost their credit score for future benefit.

Financial Confidence & Certainty

BOOTCAMP Graduates experience relief, financial confidence, and an overall brighter outlook on life.

Better Cash Management Skills

Using the BrightMoney Home Accounting System, your employees will experience financial confidence.

Improved Quality of Life Experience

Making brighter financial decisions leads to having money for things that matter the most.

Download IMPACT Starter Kit ... includes Bonus 4-Part 'Behind The Scenes' Video Series

When you’ve decided that world class financial education, individual financial wellness assessments, and employee empowerment are a good fit for your team .... then it’s time to to MAKE AND IMPACT by scheduling a 45 Minute IMPACT Workshop for your team.

Download the IMPACT Starter Guide to customize the experience, promote it to your employees, and empower your team.

Our goal is to make you look like a hero for bringing this amazing benefit to your company and culture.

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